Francina M.

Seller Agent

Fast, great communication and VERY professional.

Brenda B.


I've closed with Harry for many years! I believe he does the best job for all my buyers and sellers. Plus the staff makes you feel so welcome. Everyone Is always so pleasant!

Damian B.


I’ve use this office on multiple closings and they are by far the best office in my 10 years of selling real estate. The staff is professional and courteous And well-versed on current technology.

The staff very proficient in explaining all steps needed towards closing.  Very hands-on and professional.  It was a pleasant experience.

Wayne H.


Everything happened like it should.

Donna S.


The lawyer was extremely knowledgeable and “on point”. She was prepared, efficient and detailed. Fast, efficient, detailed, accurate and friendly

David C.


Performed mail-away closing and provided step-by-step instructions keeping the process simple.

S. Hayes

I had a first-time homebuyer that was over moon about her experience, and how simple things where. The technology is fantastic!

Gene B.


Everyone went the "extra mile" in rescheduling this closing multiple times due to an inept lender and Hope even had to stay late on her birthday to wait for the funding approval to come over. Kudos to the Minsk Team at Ganek Gwinnett!!

Margarete H


The people we dealt with and the way they handled the whole process. Me Saadat was very efficient and couldn’t have been more helpful.

Neil S.

Consumer Client

Best closing experience ever. Folks were on time, very knowledgeable and friendly. Made what can be a stressful experience very easy. I’d definitely recommend closing here. Great job y’all! And, thank you!

Ernest C.

Listing Agent

Information and feedback were timely.

Brenda G.


Experience shows. Everything was done in a timely manner. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Easy process. I enjoyed spending time with such a great group.

Lawrence Y.

Real Estate Investor/Consumer

Closing at Ganek was very enjoyable and was a great experience. We will definitely conduct future closings with the Ganek team.

Todd C.

Loan Officer

Mimi, you know I think you are a rock star. I just wanted to also let you know that your closer Michelle Rougier is amazing too. The best experience with a closer we’ve had in a long time. She was professional, answered the phone and got everything back to our closer quickly. A great experience.

Randy H.


Everyone we worked with was amazing! Professional and kind service, beautiful office, timely and efficient prep, everything was prefect!

Adam J.


Everyone we interacted with at Ganek was friendly and professional in everything they did. From the moment we walked into the office to the moment we walked out and everything in-between, everyone we spoke with in the office was welcoming and knowledgeable.

Errol H.


Jeff Zweben was super clear, professional and personable. It was a very organized and went super smoothly. Communications from Brooke Bova were timely and informative. The office was a very professional environment, yet very comfortable. Great parking.

Emad H.


Very professional. Paul was an amazing attorney I have bought and sold a few homes and this is the first office that has done an exceptional service. Thank you

Mary Beth C.

The office had everything in place for being in a pandemic.  We felt very safe. Mimi was on-time, prepared, and explained everything we needed to know, page by page.  I was given copies of the closing paperwork in a nice folder and we were able to keep our pens as a reminder of our great experience!  Thank you Mimi!

Courtney D.

As a 1st time closer, the process was made a lot simpler than I thought it would’ve been. Thanks to the Highland closing team, I feel secure!

Justin Z.


Michael was probably the most detail oriented and prepared attorney ever. Overall, he was GREAT and I would work with him again anytime!

Lane F.


Friendly, professional, lots of refreshments offered. Not a cold, serious attorneys office

Vernell R.


The professionalism of [Tiffanie Kendrick]. Easy access to the building and office. Very clean space.

Stephanie S.


[Ganek PC is] professional, discreet and kept it moving while also very personable and engaging.

Chip C.


It was a pleasure working with you guys! You guys made everything go so smoothly!

Jere F., Esq.


I recently retained Mimi McCain at Ganek PC to assist me in a real estate transaction in Marietta, Georgia. The transaction involved the distribution of an ownership interest in some property from a trust to the beneficiary, but there were some complicated aspects to the transfer. Mimi was extremely responsive and helpful. She gave clear advice and recommendations. Best of all, I thought her fee was quite reasonable. I do not hesitate to refer Mimi and her firm for assistance with real estate transactions.

Traci W.

Listing Agent

Their willingness to help and respond when I reached out, the entire team was amazing.

Jill G.


Everyone was prompt and professional. Documents were covered clearly and carefully. All around, it was a straightforward experience involving helpful, friendly people.

Terri J.

Seller Agent

My entire experience was exceptional. This office is staff is amazing and the best I’ve worked with. It was both personal and professional. We felt cared about and cared for.

Djibril N.


Easy process, and friendly environment. Everyone was helpful and resourceful

Dustin L.


We both sold and purchased within a month and so thrilled we used Ganek! I will highly recommend in the future.

Christopher S.


Fast and efficient

Mayur A.


1) overall welcoming culture 2) timeliness 3) proactive communication, transparency, updates by ALL 4) guidance and clarifications provided by Mike Kim throughout the process 5) patiently providing explanations of documents by Mr. Jared Gentry during the actual closing

Pamika M.

Buyer/Borrower/Selling Agent

Everyone was very friendly and available to help. They made me feel like I was their only client 🙂

LuAnn G.


Loved that Laura is Spanish speaking and could explain everything to my client.

James M.


Ganek's team took the guess work out of closing. They kept me up to date every step of the way and when I had questions, they were very responsive. Great overall experience! Thank you.

Bob H.


Cindy R.


I like that Ganek gives a portion of the closing profit to charity. It makes the Sellers feel awesome and it makes me proud to have them close there. I like the less formal environment yet the staff is very professional. The closing team(Heather) are rock stars.

Johnathan D.


Ganek PC was very professional from beginning to end and made my closing transaction a pleasant/smooth transaction.

Heidi D.


Great support

Cantrice B.

It was smooth process.

Steven P.


Professional. efficient, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and client focused service at all times throughout the process!

Renard B.


On-time, thorough, patient, friendly, professional.

Patti E.


I have been closing with Mark Seib and Ganek PC for many years. I have great confidence that any issues will be addressed prior to our arrival at the closing table. All my closings go smoothly, and the staff is very quick to respond to any of my requests for assistance.

Stephanie D.


Everyone is very professional.

Pamella T.


The overall professionalism of the staff.

Janis O.


Friendly and quick

Eric D.

Loan Officer

The timeliness and professionalism displayed were excellent. I would definitely recommend and use them again. I also like their use of technology. When you enter the premises, you sign in electronically.

John K.


Throughout the process from day one my inquiries were responded to by the Ganek Group and the closing team.

Craig M.

Buyer/Borrower/Selling Agent

Highly professional in all coordination, communication and interactions. Everyone was great.

Lizzie S.


Everything was in order. All of the paperwork was ready for business. We didn't have to wait for anything. Mehrnush was super, super, super. She's well organize, well prepared and everything and I do mean everything was in order. She made us feel very comfortable. She has a great attitude and made sure they we understood what was being signed and the history about each signing. She is a great access to your company. Be bless and be safe

Ignacio P.

REO Asset Manager

Mimi and Daniel help us with our closings in GA. They are the best closing attorneys I have worked with.

Spencer H.

Closing at Ganek PC Midtown is like home to me. I like consistency, and that is what I always get. Great support from friendly faces, both attorneys and staff members. Spencer Hayes

Ann H.


Harry Minsk is one of the most thorough and responsive attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. If it had not been for him, I believe this transaction may not have closed.

Sebastian S.

Consumer Client

This office helped me with the closing of my condo and all I can say is how impressed I was with their organization, punctuality and friendliness. I felt like it was family guiding me through the process.

Neal B.


Throughout this process, the staff that my wife and I interacted with were always professional and very responsive. Our experience with Mark Seib was especially positive. He was not only professional and efficient, but also personable at the same time. Closing Day was a smooth, pleasant experience for us.

Cindy J.


As usual, all "i's" dotted and all "t's" crossed. Everyone is always thorough and professional.

Kelli G.


I actually made a comment directly to Michael yesterday that I thought he was very thorough in explaining the paperwork to my buyer. I had a great exoerience. Loved the readers on the table too!

Kristen W.

Michael Silberman and his team did a fabulous job throughout the entire transaction!

Jane and Tom D.


Very clear instructions for us

Lynn M.

Real Estate Professional

Closing with Ganek has always been smooth and professionally oriented. Prior to closing I am confident they will assist in anyway to make sure all parties are satisfied at closing. Tiffanie did a superb job at this particular closing, with patience, answering all questions from Seller. Thanks to all at Ganek!

Barb R.

Real Estate Professional

Our Go To Home Closing and Real Estate Attorney's firm for the past 4 years! We are so happy they have opened a Poncey-Highland office for the convenience of our Intown and Decatur clients! Mimi McCain closed over 30 transactions for us this year and close to 100 since we switched to Ganek PC! We have asked for help late at night and on weekends and they always make sure we have the right answers for our clients! They are large part of the reason we have a successful team and good representation of our clients!

Calvin R.


Tiffanie was awesome! Very efficient and pleasant. Great atmosphere for a law office.

McKe T.


It’s was quick and easy! Everything was so smooth start to finish !

Jasmine V.


I liked the simple explanations of the paperwork. Everyone was excited for my purchase. Ms. Angela always answered my calls and responded swiftly with any answers I had. I enjoyed everyone’s professionalism and charisma.

Debrah J.

Seller Listing Agent

Quick, Efficient, and Done Right!

Thomas M.


I did a mail in. I was informed at at step. Handle professionally. Very pleased.

Andrew B.


Jeff Zweben made buyer and seller very comfortable