Pre-Closing Like a Pro

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Pre-Closing Like a Pro


Well before the Buyer gets his or her keys at the closing table, one of our Closing Coordinators will perform numerous tasks included on a worklist created specifically for your transaction. When you work with one of Atlanta’s Most Trusted Real Estate Attorneys, along with members of the Ganek team, we can assure you the pre-closing process will run smoothly. When you’re in the hands of professionals with 40-plus years of experience, you can relax knowing your Closing Coordinator has many systems in place to assure your file is completely ready in time for your closing. The worklist provides daily tasks which help to ensure nothing will come up at the last minute. Responsibilities include ordering and clearing title, obtaining mortgage payoffs, requesting HOA closing letters, securely sending wiring instructions, and working with third parties, such as your lender and the real estate agents.

When the contract is sent to one of our 11 offices, it is imperative we quickly obtain a completed Request for Information Form from both the Buyer and the Seller. This is in part why we developed our SmartClose system. Part of that system includes ReadyDocs, which allow the Buyer or Seller to easily provide their information from their mobile phone, tablet or desktop. We also use CertifID, a secure portal to send and receive wiring instructions. That service uses a duo-authentication process, which utilizes both the recipient’s email address and cell phone number for self-verification.

At Ganek, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you or your client through the sometime complicated legal documents which will be utilized throughout the closing process. We are your trusted resource, to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed prior to closing. The closing itself should be a fun and carefree process for all participants, and, at the end, a time to celebrate!

Our biggest advice for agents is to stay in continuous communication with both your clients and with your Ganek closing attorney. Poor communication can cause delays, as well as frustration for both you and your client. You can count on Ganek to proactively communicate with you, and we appreciate it when that kindness is returned.

For Buyers, our first tip is to wire your earnest money within the required time frame. Thereafter, please be sure to promptly respond to our emails and text messages, to provide the information requested, and to also be responsive to your lender. Again, timely and effective communication is the key.

If you have any questions about the pre-closing process, we recommend that you reach out to one of our attorneys or staff members. Give us a call or email us at


Ganek is Atlanta’s trusted closing partner with over 40 years of experience. With 11 locations across the Atlanta metro area, you can easily find one of our Most Trusted Closing Attorneys near you. Learn more about our Georgia real estate lawyers or order a title here.

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